Getty Family Joint South African Venture

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African Homesteads is a joint venture with the Getty family, which has teamed with andBEYOND to keep a game reserve in pristine condition. They Getty family also has a well-known house on the reserve that they rent out and the Phinda Game Reserve is home to lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants. Each homestead that is being sold as part of the venture includes 4 hectares of land, a safari vehicle, services of a ranger, tracker and chef.
Set amid the amazing and pristine private Phinda Game Reserve in South Africa the unique development that will certainly strike a chord with any wildlife lover. The African Homesteads, luxury private safari homes that are being developed by andBEYOND, offer an experience like no other on the planet.
Only fifteen homes are being constructed on the reserve, and each one is custom designed and built to take advantage of the property and its amazing resources. Maintenance of each property will be taken care of by andBEYOND, and each house is spacious, constructed with a nod the local Zulu heritage, and, in a modern twist, has its own swimming pool. Prices for these once in a lifetime homes start at $6 million.
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