German property market 'ripe for investors'

The German property market has become a target for property investors, owing to the fact that it is believed to have “bottomed out” according to Overseas Property Professional (OPP) magazine.

Property in Germany has been experiencing difficult times recently, with prices becoming stagnant and inactive.

This is owing to a number of factors, the main ones including minimal mortgage approvals and generally low levels of home ownership.

According to a report by OPP earlier in the year, Germany was the only of the north European nations to experience a fall in property values, compared to other countries experiencing rises of 20 per cent or more.

While this may seem like the last area investors may be interested in, it has been speculated that German property may have hit its lowest point and is now set for a boom, giving speculators the chance to get involved while prices are still low.

Andrea Marie Portugal, marketing manager for investment group Inmoinvest, told OPP magazine: “Germany will be the next big investment opportunity.

“With a sound economy and a tried and tested infrastructure Germany will produce significant capital appreciation over the next five years.”

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