German Businesses Like Portugal

  • 16 years ago
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A new report from the Luso-German Chamber of Commerce indicates that German businesses are more satisfied in Portugal than in other European countries. The head of the chamber, Patrick Schwarz noted that “around 85 percent of German businesses in Portugal are satisfied with their choice of location, in comparison to 80 per cent of businesses in France, and 78 per cent in Spain and Italy.”
The survey was taken at the end of the summer, so the financial crisis may have make the overall results a bit less optimistic since then. The business situation in Portugal is viewed by established German businesses as positive when compared to other European countries.
Approximately 95 percent of German companies that do business in Portugal see the business climate as good or satisfactory, with 45 percent rating it as good. In contrast, Italy came out worst in the survey with only 28 percent of German companies rating the climate there as good.
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