General Electric Company want Brazilian Real Estate

  • 17 years ago
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Overseas Property investors and now some huge multi nationals are heading for Brazilian Real Estate. News of General Electric Company interest in the region confirms what savvy international real estate investors have known for the last 3 years Brazil is hot for investment.
The Brazilian real estate market is one of the strongest for international investors and continues to look as if it will be a good investment for a long time to come. With thousands of kilometers of oceanfront property and an ideal climate, it is a wonderful place for retirees, vacation home seekers and those who want rental income.
The Brazilian real estate market, particularly in the state of Bahia on the Atlantic Coast, is strong enough to warrant major investments from some heavy players. According to Reuters,, General Electric Company is looking to enter the Brazilian real estate market. GE’s Joseph Parsons, president of North American Equity at GE Real Estate, was at the Reuters Real Estate Summit in New York recently and noted that it is a good place to be: “The country is stabilizing; the government is proactive and business-oriented; it has enormous natural resources; it has a growing middle class; it has a lot of positive dynamics.
Individual investors in Brazilian property have been able to get great deals and have also seen some dramatic returns on those investments. Last year some areas saw returns of up to 20%, with prices starting at amounts that many investors can easily afford. For those looking for second homes, vacation resorts and retirement villas, the tropical northeast coast is the place to be. Businessmen are more interested in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, which are showing signs of life as investment locations as well.
Wherever you look in Brazil there are deals to be had. There is something to offer for anyone who wants to invest.
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