Gambia real estate a new emerging market?  believe that the tiny West African state of Gambia could be the next hot destination for overseas property  investors. The leading online overseas property portal is offering off-plan investment opportunities on the sun-drenched Gambian coast, and is recruiting agents to promote the country ahead of an expected rush of interest in this emerging market.

The former British colony is the smallest country in mainland Africa, with an area of just 4391 square miles, and a population of 1.5million. Bordered by Senegal to the north, south and east, Gambia is well-established as a popular destination for British tourists, and with winter temperatures of 30˚C it rejoices in its nickname of ‘The Smiling Coast’.

It has also been dubbed ‘The New Caribbean’, and investor confidence has grown rapidly, with property prices rising by 30% a year for the last two years. spokesperson  “When you look at all the facts and figures for this region, along with the government’s desire to encourage direct inward investment, it appears that Gambia has all the hallmarks of an exciting, emerging market for overseas property investors.” is marketing villas, bungalows and apartments in the luxury Brufut Gardens community. This will eventually comprise 500 residential and commercial properties of varying size and type, set alongside stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, and a 4km stretch of sandy beach.

Brufut Gardens is designed for those who wish to own a Gambian property either as a main residence or as a holiday home, and prices start from as little as £32,500 for a one bedroom apartment.

Gambia is an English-speaking country, with a vibrant expatriate community. Flights from the UK to the capital city of Banjul last less than six hours, and as Gambia is in the same time zone there is no jet-lag to overcome.

Its rainforests and other habitats are home to more than 500 spectacular species of bird, plus a wide range of other flora and fauna. The country boasts 48km of unspoilt and uncommercialised coastline, and around 480km of navigable river.

Gambia has a deserved reputation as a secure destination. Buying property in Gambia is relatively straightforward, with property conveyancing and laws based on the British legal system.

It also benefits from low inflation, financial stability, and one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

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