French property buyers are truly international for Languedoc-Roussillon

  • 18 years ago
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The Languedoc-Roussillon region of France has been named the top region for the strongest growth in the French property market .Languedoc-Roussillon is located in Southern France and stretches along the Mediterranean to provide a warm climate and beautiful coastal scenery.
The associated body of real estate agencies in the country (FNAIM) named the Languedoc as the top region for, long term growth, with figures showing the region enjoying 10.3% growth in house prices for the first quarter of 2006, putting it far and away into the top spot for investment. 
A survey by Abbey National also indicated that the Languedoc-Roussillon region was the most popular area for UK overseas property buyers.The survey revealed that the majority of these buyers were willing to invest between £50,000 and £150,000 in region’s property.
Marr International Ltd the company behind the overseas property web site also reports a renewed interest in the area experiencing a 30% incresase in overseas buyers requesting properties in the region, CEO Nicholas Marr states’ Despite all the emerging markets many buyers still see France as their dream place to live abroad. Languedoc-Roussillon offers value for money, a superb climate and benefits from good communications including several airports that cater for low cost airlines.Overseas property buyers love the combination of sandy beaches, countryside, medieval towns and of course the relaxed pace of life’
Freddy Rueda of Real Estate who has been working in the region for over 10 years states ‘the region has seen arrival of new nationalities buying French property in Languedoc Roussillon region. We now have buyers from Singapore, Japan, Australia and South Africa. The traditional foreign buyers in the area, English, Irish, Scottish, Belgians, Dutch and Germans are also keeping the market strong. The climate has the French buying property here they tend to be relocating from Paris and the north of the country’ The strong annual growth, combined with a strong rental market, where a 4 bedroom villa with a pool rents for 1000 euros plus in high season, makes this area an investor’s dream.

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