French Jazz Singer Home Now For Sale

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The former French home of jazz singer and starlet Josephine Baker has recently been put on the market. Le Beau Chêne, a 19th century neo-Gothic chateau is located in the village of Le Vésinet, a suburb of Paris that was originally built for the wealth bourgeoisie of the city on its western outskirts.
The chateau was constructed in 1891 and has 600 square meters, or 6,500 square feet, of living space. The exterior has towers and balustrades, with walls of complex brick and stonework. Inside the abode are 10 bedrooms, an office with an elaborate parquet floor, a wine cellar and Ms. Baker’s own darkroom where she practiced photography.
The grounds have a tennis court, swimming pool and various huts and homes to Ms. Baker’s numerous animals and pets, which included a black cheetah and a chimpanzee. She purchased the home in 1929 and sold it after World War II in 1947. It has been owned by the same family since then, and sits very much as it did when Ms. Baker sold it.
Le Beau Chêne is on the market for €12 million or US$16.3 million. It does require substantial renovations, but as a home that once housed the greatest singer of her time it is considered a great buy.
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