France is the Most Popular Tourist Destination in the World

  • 16 years ago
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The latest figures from the French Tourism Ministry show that the country remains the number one destination worldwide for tourists. This is good news for overseas property investors, as demand for rental property is solid and the overall numbers of tourists are increasing. While the numbers are strong, the Ministry is targeting new sources of tourists to visit the country in coming years.
Figures for 2007 show there were 82 million visitors from other countries to France, according to the Tourism Ministry. That is up approximately 4% from the previous year. While the numbers are good, other countries have been pulling tourists away from the traditional destinations. With places such as Dubai, Morocco and Croatia becoming increasingly popular, France is working extra hard to keep its share of visitors.
Overall, visitors from Europe make up 46% of the total to France. Neighbouring countries England, Germany and Belgium are the majority of these, but Spain, Portugal, and Italy are showing increasing numbers of visitors. New markets to target include India, China, Russia, Brazil and Mexico for coming years.
The main tourism season is just starting in France. July and August are the two most popular months to visit the country, and also the time when most French citizens also go on holiday.
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