Fractional Ownership Show Offers Overseas Property

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The Fractional Life Expo returns to the City of London taking place from Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th September 2010 and is the largest and most diverse fractional ownership and asset-sharing exhibition in the world.
Fractional ownership is benefiting hugely from increased consumer awareness, propelled by current budgetary constraints on luxury ‘whole ownership’ goods.
Fractional Life Expo caters for a growing population who wish to enhance their lifestyle with access to luxury possessions and experiences – without the inevitable ties, responsibilities and capital outlay that whole ownership and upkeep brings.
Fractional Life Expo 2010 takes place at the prestigious Broadgate Event Venues which ‘houses’ the highest penetration of ABC1 consumers in the UK and is free to attend for both the Public and Trade. The event is limited to a maximum of 27 exhibitor stands and plays host to a number of different fractional ownership and asset-sharing “zones”: Property – houses, hotels, private residence and destination clubs, Motoring – classic vehicles and supercars, Sea – boats and yachts, Air – aircraft and jets and, finally, Lifestyle – wines and spirits, sport, handbags and other relevant assets and investments.
Fractional Life Expo 2010 will give visitors the chance to find out more about the benefits of fractional ownership, and speak to experts from sectors that include fractional Property, Jet, Yacht, Classic and Supercar, Wine and Designer handbag companies.
Piers Brown, Founder of Fractional Life, which brings the items online at , said: “With the success of Fractional Life Expo 2009 and the amount of fractional ownership products coming onto the marketplace, there’s plenty of exciting times ahead. There will be something for everybody and we’re confident that 2010’s show will be even more innovative than last year – an outstanding event that our sponsors, exhibitors, our visitors and the fractional ownership industry can be proud of.”
In addition to promotion and media partner activity, Fractional Life will be supporting the Expo with a fresh media campaign, including London Underground advertising around the City, National press adverts and features, alongside magazine editorials and other media exposure.
Based on, the UK’s largest consumer Fractional ownership and asset sharing exhibition helps people to find what suits them best in the growing fractional marketplace, whether that means part ownership of a luxury residence or yacht to simply the usage of a selection of true supercars without the hassles of ownership.
Whatever stage you are at with your fractional ownership search – be it an investment or lifestyle opportunity – you’ll find all the information, guidance and encouragement you need to take that next exciting step.
Expo dates and opening times:
Monday, September 13th 2010
1200 – 1800 hours BOOK NOW!
Tuesday, September 14th 2010
1030 – 1800 hours PRE-BOOKING NOW
Wednesday, September 15th 2010
1030 – 1800 hours PRE-BOOKING NOW

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