Foreigners flocking to Spain for bargain property

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With a weakening Euro and prices
falling, it’s not just the Brits that are interested in snapping up homes in
Spain.  New research shows that
buyers from other parts of the world are also keen on Spanish property – from
as far afield as Sweden and the USA.

Keep reading to learn about the
strong international demand for property in Spain.

American’s increasingly keen on Spanish property

New research from leading
international real estate form Knight Frank has shown that interest in Spanish
property is increasing with American buyers.  The figures show that searches for property in Spain from
the US rose by about 10 per cent in May compared to the same period in 2011.

And, according to Reuters,
investors in the US are becoming increasingly interested in European property
with a particular lean towards Spain.

Christoph Toelle, managing
partner of Sotheby’s International Realty said: “All the bad news one can read
is correct, but thanks to the crisis, a buyer can find properties that would
never come on the market before.”

Massive increase in Swedes looking to buy homes in Spain

Similarly, other international
buyers are increasingly keen on Spanish property.  The Spanish division of Sweden’s leading real estate firm FastighetsbyrÃ¥n
experienced a 58 per cent increase in requests for Spanish homes in the first
three months of 2012 compared to the previous quarter.

Daniel Nilsson, regional manager
of the agency, said: “Given Sweden’s healthy economy and strong krona, Swedes
are extremely realistic about the current economic climate in Spain and
recognise that they can buy at a good price.

“Swedish buyers in Spain have
risen by a massive 138 per cent according to recently released figures by
Fastighetsbyrån so it is important we continue our efforts in this market.”


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