Footwear Tycoon, Jon Buscemi Purchases Prestigious Los Feliz Villa


Urban wear fashion designer and entrepreneur Jon Buscemi, has purchased a property in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles for the sum of $2.86 million. This new acquisition has placed Buscemi in the group of home owners with celebrity-status mansions.

Previous Owners/Tenants

In the past, celebrity owners and tenants who have resided in the Spanish Colonial Revival villa include musicians the Jonas Brothers’ Joe Jonas, actresses Natalie Portman and Olivia Wilde, and Brian Henson, the Oscar winning puppeteer.

Three years ago, Olivia Wilde made a loss when she sold the villa for about $2.19 million. Brian Henson, the son of Jim Henson, original creator of “Muppets”, sold the mansion in 2003. Natalie Portman and singer-cum-actor Joe Jonas lived in it as tenants.

 A Classic Art Piece

The villa was built in 1929 as a tri-level home, and still possesses the charming elegance of the Roaring ‘20s, perhaps something The Great Gatsby himself would have lived in at the time. It has a roof adorned with red tiles, white stucco walls, elaborately stained glass windows and a beautifully styled ironwork as part of its stunning architecture. The unique Malibu tile creates a visual attraction, both on the inside as well as the outside.

The mansion also boasts of a living area capped with beamed ceilings, a screening room with a traditional bar, a library that doubles as a study, 4 large bedrooms, 3 beautifully designed bathrooms and a beauty room within, almost 3,300 Sq. ft. of interiors. There is a wide balcony in the master suite that overlooks the scenic view of LA’s vibrant centre.

Outside the villa, is the lovely green hedged and fenced grounds that include a waterfall spa, delicately terraced gardens and a lovely marquee, ideal for resting during hot summer afternoons. Off the front entry of the property, sits a gated courtyard decorated with Saltilo tiles.

The house became available for sale in March for $2.795 million and was only had a recent listed price of $2.889 million according to records. The agent responsible for brokering the deal on both sides was Ryan Sarkissian of Compass California.

Who is Jon Buscemi?

Jon Bucemi was formerly a Wall Street trader who began to amass a significant collection of sneakers and before long, took his search for very exclusive and limited edition sneakers globally. This earned him recognition in the apparel industry, and many skateboarding peers began to emulate him, starting their own brands in the urban and skate wear marketplace.

His popularity got him industry connections and an endorsement by skateboard footwear company DC Shoe USA, to work with them on specific projects. But Buscemi left DC Shoes to take up the role of Creative Director at Lotto USA, a partnership with Italian tennis and football brand Lotto.

In 2006, along with two partners, he launched a branded footwear company Gourmet. However, Buscemi left Gourmet in 2013 to start his own footwear company, the now eponymous brand, Buscemi.

Celebrities have been known to buy houses for the sake of investment, time will tell if Buscemi’s acquisition is business related or for his residential purposes.

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