Food The New Property Investment Factor

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property investors who research the best places to buy property in Spain should consider
a regions food as part of their research so says


portal that carries investment property from dozens of Spanish locations has
seen the rise in food tourism.


Marr “ Traditionally investors always looked at factors that included how easy
a destination was to travel too, the weather, tourism, property prices etc. Now
food is fast becoming a factor as restaurants and food styles influence the desirability
of a location.


from Spain’s tourism office show that the country’s food was thought to be a
key attraction for as many as 5.6 million visitors last year, with an estimated
expenditure on food and wine placed at €6.4 million representing a delicious
10% increase on 2011.

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Manager for
leading Spanish house builder Taylor
Wimpey España

“I’ve lived on Mallorca for almost 20 years now and have never tasted food
quite as good anywhere else. We cater to all tastes, from family run tavernas
tucked away in the hills above Palma serving the finest steaks to small fishing
villages dotted along the coast offering the freshest catch of the day. And if
meat or fish aren’t to your taste, Spain prides itself on a variety of national
dishes using home grown fresh vegetables such as Patatas Bravas, Tortilla and
Berenjenas con miel, slices of aubergine, fried and covered in a dark, slightly
bitter honey or molasses which are to die for.

Indeed, it may only be 2 hours by plane from the UK but Spain offers a
completely different dining experience for budding master chefs!

Southern areas such as the Costa del Sol in particular have plenty to offer;
serving up fresh prawns with a spicy sauce, what the Andalucians know and love
as gambas al pil-pil, a regional favourite. The salsa is made up of a
combination of garlic, paprika, chilies, and white wine, arriving to your table
sizzling and guaranteeing to get your taste buds tingling.

Costa Blancan cuisine boasts an enormous range of local products to sample such
as the sticky rice that is the basis of the ubiquitous Paella which is grown in
the rice fields south of Valencia. But these gastro delights aren’t just
restricted to the mainland; Mallorca also offers hundreds of tasty specialties
from llom amb col, a pork dish wrapped in cabbage with pine nuts and raisins
all grown locally, to Tumbet, a traditional rustic vegetable dish that’s like a
Provencal ratatouille bursting with colour and flavour.



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