Florida property market indicates a silver lining

The Florida Association of Realtors recently released numbers indicating that Florida’s home sales for the year slowed significantly, when compared with figures from the year before. As the sales decreased, so have the purchase price of homes. In third quarter of 2006, Florida’s housing sector continued to reflect the US national trend which is witnessing higher inventory levels of homes available for sale and a slowdown in sales. According to the Florida Association of Realtors sales of single-family homes totaled 43,395 during the three-month period, a decrease of 34 percent compared to 65,364 homes sold during the same time a year ago. Average sales prices in Florida remained stable at $247,900 in the third quarter; a year ago it was $247,800.. While the softening of the housing market may seem to be a mark for concern, signs abound that the state is on an upswing economically
Construction projects are on such a dramatic rise that the state is actually experiencing a shortage of properly trained workmen to meet the demand for new housing, and the rebuilding of previously damaged homes. 
The Governor and Legislature have created Florida reBuilds, a state sponsored program encouraging Floridians to gain training and realize high paying jobs in the construction industry, while building the economy of their own home state. Through this program, interested citizens are offered training in over forty construction trades, decreasing the state’s unemployment while simultaneously bolstering the economy. While the opportunities are fantastic for job seekers, the program is equally advantageous for construction companies; providing classroom or on the job training for sorely needed workers. 
The combination of lowered real estate prices, and surging economy, make this the perfect opportunity to find investment property, at a good price, in a soon to be booming region. For those in the market to purchase property abroad, Florida’s beautiful local and blossoming economy are sure to fit the bill. The area offers beautiful vacation housing, seasonal and permanent residence. 
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