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London 7/1/2008 -Florida home buyers are discovering a part of Florida that has escaped the crowds and development associated with a modern Florida. Most overseas buyers interested in Florida have heard of Key West, the westernmost of the string of islands along Florida’s southern coast. But just to the east of Key West, for some 36 miles to Marathon in the middle of the Keys, are the Lower Keys. These have long been the forgotten Keys; these fantastic islands were highlighted recently in an article in the New York Times.
The prime holiday season in the Keys and South Florida is from November through April, when temperatures are cool enough to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Even though it is winter, the location is far enough south that the water is almost always warm enough to swim in.
The Lower Keys provide a location that is isolated and unspoiled yet is still less than three hours from Miami. And, Key West is one of the most popular vacation and party spots anywhere, is less than a half hour drive from most of the Lower Keys. Unlike the rest of the booming South Florida real estate market, this area is limited in the land that can be used and has strict development regulations. This has kept the new homes to a minimum and also kept home prices high.
Shark Key is one island that has turned its location into an upscale destination. The whole island is virtually a gated community, and new homes can be well into millions of dollars. Shark Key is a small island near the western end of the chain, next to the larger and popular Geiger Key. The Geiger Key Marina is a popular place for locals and visitors to stop in and get some refreshments, be it on land or on their boats.
Many Lower Keys homeowners take pride in the limits on development in their stretch of the 127-mile Keys. “They wouldn’t even allow a Walgreens here,” said Jim Peabody, a Lower Keys charter-boat captain.
The Lower Keys have approximately 16,000 residents, while Key West alone has about 25,000. The 36 mile stretch includes several large islands, including Big Pine Key and Cudjoe Key, as well as dozens of smaller ones. From Miami International Airport to Marathon is just over 100 miles and a 2 hour drive.
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