Farm Holidays in Slovenia

  • 15 years ago
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The Karst region of southwestern Slovakia has long been popular with travelers for its food and wine. It is a wonderful place to spend a few days or more enjoying the region’s treats and favorites. Located next to Italy, this part of Slovakia has many farms, some of which are open for visitors and guest to enjoy the area up close. The towns in the area are small, but there is plenty of good food and attractions to enjoy.
Tourist farms, or kmetije, are a tradition in Slovenia, where residents of Italy and Austria have come from as far back as the 19th century. Italian city dwellers in the port town of Trieste often came for summer weekends on farms in Karst, and now there are more than 600 kmetjie. Tourist farms offer plenty to do in addition to great food, from riding horses and swimming to bicycle tours and even a little bit of farm work for those who are so inclined.
It is the food, however, that draws visitors to this region. Karst prsut, a prosciutto that is air dried for 14 days, fresh wheat bread, risotto, homemade gnocchi and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the gastronomic treats to enjoy when visiting.
Karst is very easy to get to and is near to many of the region’s most popular tourist destinations. It is just a few minutes from the Italian port of Trieste, and is also under an hour from Slovenia’s capital of Ljubljana. Tomaj and Stanjel are just two of the small villages in the region to visit, but there are many more. Karst makes for a great holiday and great place to enjoy the food!

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