Facelift For Lanzarotes Main Resort

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Puerto del Carmen – the main engine room of tourism and the epicentre of the Lanzarote property market – is about to undergo a major revamp.  As island authorities press ahead with a multi million euro project that is designed to “reinvent” tourism in the resort and maintain its competitiveness versus other holiday destinations around the world.
 Puerto del Carmen has long been a hot spot for overseas investors.  As witnessed by the presence of the many estate agencies windows throughout the resort. Thanks to Lanzarote´s year round clement climate and a buoyant tourist industry.  Which has transformed a former fishing village called La Tiñosa into the islands most popular destination and generated reliable rental returns for owners of apartments and holiday villas in Puerto del Carmen ever since tourism first took off here back in the 1970´s.
 Over the years the resort has also become the main hub of the islands growing British and Irish expatriate communities.  Who now officially number around 6,000 citizens – although the real figure is deemed higher by most observers due to the fact that many émigrés don’t immediately register for residency on the island.  Creating further demand for relocation, rental and commercial property. 
 In many ways though Puerto del Carmen has become a victim of its own success.  As thirty odd years of package tourism has impacted upon the resorts infrastructure and facilities and left it looking decidedly tired around the edges.  Whilst the kaleidoscope of neon lit bars and restaurants along the main beachfront strip creates a rather outdated image – especially in comparison to newer, purpose built resorts in competitor markets such as Dubai. 
 Island authorities believe that these factors – if left unchecked – will start to erode Puerto del Carmen’s popularity as a holiday destination.  And in order to avoid this scenario they are now embarking on an ambitious project to transform the resort.
 One of the main elements of this project is the redevelopment of the Old Town harbour area. Long a focal point for holidaymakers but currently just home to a few excursion vessels and fishing boats. 
 Not for much longer however as the port will soon be remodelled into an upmarket marina with moorings for luxury yachts.  A move that is designed to attract a more affluent tourist to Puerto del Carmen and provide competition for the hugely successful marina at Puerto Calero, just a few miles along the coast.
 Elsewhere, the main beachfront strip will be rejuvenated by the creation of greater pedestrian access and the renovation of shop fronts and fascias.  Which will create a more aesthetically pleasing overall image for the main face of Puerto del Carmen.
 In tandem with the opening of the resort’s new golf course next year – only the second on the island – these improvements seem likely to ensure a bright future for both tourism and property in Puerto del Carmen in the medium term. Despite the current situation
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