Extreme House Selling Hits The UK

  • 15 years ago
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A new trend in home selling could be about to take the UK by storm namely ‘Extreme House Selling’. International news agency Reuters reports on how UK home sellers are employing extreme methods to help sell properties in a difficult market. In a recent report one luxury home seller is seen not only reducing his house price but also including a boat and luxury car as part of the deal. Industry expert Nick Marr suggests that it can actually help relieve home sellers stress
Nick Marr who is behind international real estate websites Homesgofast.com and the UK’s largest private sales website The Little House Company says the trend is not for everybody. “Extreme House Selling is anything that is moral and legal that will give a property more exposure than the average home. Typically the private home seller will offer incentives and a dramatic reduction in price. It is not for everybody and this is the advantage as a seller can potentially stand out from the crowd and attract a bigger audience to their home. My experience has found that frustrated home sellers feel increased stress as they are being passive waiting for their buyer. Applying proactive tactics can not only help this stress but may increase the chance of a sale”  
More here: Extreme house selling at The Little House Company,
The concept was highlighted by international best selling author Jonathan Blain who has been enticing buyers to his luxury cottage in Devon. The property which at its height had a price tag of £3 million pounds is now priced at £1,350,000 and being offered with a speed boat and luxury car. Jonathan Blains Extreme house selling methods have seen his home in The Sunday Times, Reuters news, magazines and presented to a target audience of 2000 UK executives.

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