Explosive Demolition Wakes Miami Florida Residents

  • 16 years ago
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The Miami Herald reports of the demolition The Miami Arena at about 8.06 am Sunday 21st September. The huge structure needed several controlled explosions to cause the collapse of the inner sections of the arena which had become victim of nearby competition.
Video footage shows several explosions around the huge structure resulting in the implosion and collapse of the inner walls. The resulting smoke and dust was sent high into the Florida air accompanied with a chorus of sirens and burglar alarms
See Video of Demolition here
The current owner, Glenn Straub, bought the arena from the city in 2004 for about $28 million the arena become underused and become known by locals as the Pink Elephant. The arena could not cope with the stiff competition offered by nearby American Airlines Arena and the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise.
The huge site 5 acre will be worth millions to the owner and there is speculation to what will replace the Arena. Possibilities include an aquarium; a venue for a show similar to Cirque du Soleil; or a movie production studio.
The rest of the demolition will take about three to four weeks, with large equipment taking the walls and the rest of the interior down, said Steven Greenberg, CEO of the BG Group, the demolition company.


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