Euro Now More Attractive To Poland

  • 16 years ago
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It seems that the global crisis has made the Euro more attractive to the Polish government with the Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk confirming his position that the country will be ready to integrate the euro into the country in 2012. The polish zloty has dropped 23 percent against the euro from a record high set in July, and is headed for its first annual retreat since 2003
He issued his statement after meeting with the National Bank of Poland and members of the Monetary Policy Council.The prime minister has laid out a roadmap to adopt the single European currency and is trying to convince all the necessary parties, including the opposition that it is possible and beneficial for the country. “My other task is to convince the Law and Justice party” or (PiS), Poland’s main opposition party, which is against rapid euro adoption. “I would like its leaders to tell us what needs to be done for them to join us in this project,” Tusk added.
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on Nov. 25 forecast that the Polish inflation rate will drop to 3.2 percent next year from 4.2 percent this year.
Proffessor Dariusz Filar, a Monetary Policy Council member, said that the meeting with Tusk had taken place in a constructive and professional atmosphere. The meeting “indicated what must be done, while it was agreed that 2012 is a realistic date, which does not mean that it will be easy to achieve,” said Filar. “We will work intensively to make it achievable,” he added
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