Emigrating Britains prefer to stay in Europe

  • 11 years ago
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A new study has proved that Britons who plan on snapping up property in a foreign destination would prefer to remain in Europe.

A poll from the Overseas Guide Company (OGC), which provides advice for people considering the purchase of an overseas home, suggests that people would still want to be close to Britain despite emigrating somewhere else.

According to readings cited by deccanchronicle.com, Britons voted France as the place they’d most like to emigrate to. Spain placed second, with Greece, Cyprus and Portugal finishing close behind.

Despite once being two of the most popular destinations for expats, Australia and New Zealand dropped down the table yet again. 

This is owing to the investors wanting to be closer to home and their family as they embark on their overseas adventure.

OCG editor Richard Way says 33 per cent of the site’s requests for information are connected to France, which he says is down to the availability of cheap mortgages.

Although the euro has weakened against the pound in recent months, Mr Way told yahoo.com that French banks are still offering good deals to people who wish to gain finance for their investment.

The expert is claiming that getting a mortgage in France has never been cheaper and could be why Britons are moving to the country in their droves. 

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