Emerging Markets Help Overseas Investors Survive

  • 16 years ago
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Emerging property markets seem to be offering investors a safe haven for investors according to the overseas property portal Homesgofast.com.
The UK based property portal which has been online since 2003 and carries over 60,000 properties notes a trend with its online investors. Determined investors now seek lower priced real estate in countries such as Egypt and Brazil.
Homesgofast.com CEO Nicholas Marr “The trend is for lower priced investment property allowing buyers to purchase without heaving financing. Markets such as Egypt and Brazil offer this type of property whilst giving good potential for capital growth.  
 Laurie Hain of real estate company Off Plan Planet “Property in Egypt is witnessing incredible amounts of interest from UK buyers. Massive investment, direct flights, favourable tax laws, strong capital appreciation, long rental seasons and incredible ocean front locations all make for an ideal investment.  

Steve Mitchell from the International Property Investment Network who promotes off plan properties in Brazil at the portal “ March 08 has seen a steady flow of buyers seeking low priced Brazilian real estate, the good news is that  investors are still buying”
Meanwhile emerging markets have been named as the most attractive investment area for buyers of protected investments. In a poll of over 700 customers conducted by Barclays Wealth, it was found that 17.3 per cent were keen to gain exposure without putting their capital at risk. UK equities and property were chosen by 14.1 per cent and 16.1 per cent of respondents respectively.

Colin Dickie, a director at Barclays Wealth, said: “Emerging markets is clearly a key area for protected investment buyers and came out significantly ahead of a number of more mainstream investment options

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