Edinburgh Princes Street Project Gets Approval

  • 15 years ago
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The City of Edinburgh Council has granted permission for the Deramore Property Group to redevelop a site at the west end of Princes Street into a hotel and retail development. There will be some 30,000 square feet of retail space and a 97-room hotel that will be located on the upper floors.
The city has adopted a concept to regenerate Princess Street and this property is part of the so called string of pearls developments. Deramore, based in Belfast, is planning to begin work onsite later in 2009. Archial Architects has designed the redevelopment, which is the first major work in the city’s string of pearls concept.
Darren Lonergan is the managing director of Deramore Property Group. He said that “We are looking forward to starting this project onsite and anticipate that it will create more than 200 construction jobs as 121-123. Princes Street is built and up to 200 jobs for retail and hotel staff once it is open.”
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