Eco Friendly Tourism in Northern Brazil

  • 15 years ago
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The Brazilian state of Acre became known for its rubber trees and the Amazon forest in which they grow, but now it seeks to draw visitors for eco-tourism and holidays. The state is located next to the borders of Peru and Bolivia and is the westernmost state in the country. Currently about 200,000 visitors travel there each year, but the state is working to draw more.
Seringal Cachoeira is an eco-friendly lodge that the local government hopes will be an example of how to draw more visitors. It is a public community partnership, with the Acre government building the lodge and training the work force. The lodge is a replica of a rubber tapping house and offers tours into the Amazon jungle that is all around. Visitors can watch how the sap is extracted from rubber trees, while guides offer information about the jungle and the trees, as well as local animals and jungle spirits.
The government has been investing significant amounts in infrastructure and training and is also hoping that artisans will revive their crafts in the area. “Our culture goes into our handicraft, and thus we add value to the products,” explains the president of the Casa do Artesão, Carlos Taborga.
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