Eco-friendly Changes to Make in Your Home


With greater awareness of environmental issues, terms like “eco-friendly” and “going green” have become common on products packaging, television, and other forms of media. To be eco-friendly simply means to not be harmful to the environment or to be earth-friendly.

Products that are considered eco-friendly are those that contribute to green practices or living and help us conserve resources such as energy and water. Such products help prevent us from polluting the water, land, or air. For those of us who are truly concerned about the state of the environment and would like to help in every way possible, one excellent way to do so is to incorporate eco-friendliness into our homes. What are the changes you can make to your living space to make it eco-friendlier?

Cut down on electricity usage

one of the easiest ways to conserve energy is to find ways of cutting down the amount of electricity you use. Ensure all appliances, sockets, and light bulbs are turned off when not in use. When we leave appliances running, they draw energy, costing us money and creating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through the energy they use.

Instead of using incandescent lights, use compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFLs. If you’re not a fan of white light, you can go for a different shade as CFLs come in a wide variety of options. CFLs last longer, help you save money on the electricity bill, and may be disposed of at a recycling plant due to the trace of mercury they contain.

When you’re shopping for appliances, ensure they are Energy Star rated. You should also use power strips because appliances are still able to draw power even when they are turned off, but not when they are plugged into a power strip. This is one tip you can take to the office.

Stock up on eco-friendly furniture

Eco-friendly furniture can make a whole lot of difference not just for the environment, but also for your health. These days, the majority of companies just slap the eco-friendly label on their products to get with the trend, even when their products have only one or two eco-friendly features. It is important to do your research and find out exactly what makes a piece of furniture eco-friendly or not. There are a few trusted companies such as Stem that produce tailor-made, truly eco-friendly furniture.

Get more efficient with heating and cooling

There are hardly any other appliances in a home that use more electricity than heating and cooling systems. The most efficient system available today is the geothermal heating and cooling system. While it is initially more expensive to get this system installed, it pays off when you consider the significant reduction in electrical utility bills. Even if you don’t get a geothermal system installed, you can take other measures such as ensuring all windows and doors seal properly.

You should get a programmable thermostat for your home heating system or furnace. You can turn the heat down at night and when you’re out of the house, especially when there’ll be no one at home all day. In the summer, adjust your air conditioner to make it cool to a warmer temperature and open the windows at night to let in some cool air. Also, close your curtains and windows to keep the house cool during the day.

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is not difficult as long as you decide make the decision to do so. Take it one step at a time, involve your family, and take it to the office.

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