Easing an international move

  • 11 years ago
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If you’re moving into a highly populated state like Texas, you may be pressed for a quick decision as you shop for a new home. But when your move is international, there are a number of things that should give you cause to slow down and work more deliberately toward your decision.

While you may need to identify lodging very quickly if the move is sudden, you might ultimately be better off to rent briefly and then set about building a home. Doing so will sink a few dollars into something that you don’t own, but it can ultimately be money well spent.

Monetary Factors

Currency exchange rates fluctuate constantly, giving a reason why you may want to avoid a hasty decision. When the US dollar is weak, you can buy a much larger home with what you’ve sold your former place for. When it’s strong, your features and square footage shrink.

Spending a few months paying rent can allow you to watch international currency markets and get a feel for when is the best time to undertake the financial commitment of constructing a home. You can more bang for your buck (or Euro) by catching the right trends.

Domestic Factors

The difficulty of acclimating to a new country is high enough without having to worry about how you are going to like your new home. As an international mover, you may prefer to find accommodations that more closely match your surroundings in your home country. Depending on the area you are looking to move to, you might find that few existing homes include the amenities that were routine in the homes of your former neighborhood.

Luckily, companies like Grand Homes, an established real estate company based in Austin, Texas, are incorporating some impressive custom features in the homes they build these days. Their expertise will allow you to build a home that’s more of what you expect in terms of higher end features and function.

When you feel like the dollar is where you want it, investigate a quality builder like Grand and see how close to your former quarters you can get.

“New-In-Town” Factors

You’ve arrived in your new country with plenty to do.  There may be visa issues to work on.  Your spouse could be seeking employment.  You may have children who need to enroll in school.  You must find doctors and dentists for everyone, and you must figure out where to find the groceries that will help you make the most familiar meals.

To top it off, you do have a job to do.  Is there really time to buy a house that is full of repair issues?

Back home, you undoubtedly knew whom to call for whatever service your home needed.  But with a move to a new country, you’re unlikely to have much help in knowing who’s the best for the things an existing home will need.

Building a home eliminates this need by providing you with new, warranted features in your home.  The inconvenience you avoid can be huge.

The process of relocating to the US is fraught with hassles, inconveniences, and slowdowns. There’s no need to complicate the transition with overly difficult transactions in finding a place to live, especially if you end up with a place you don’t love. Whatever the duration of your stay in the states, make sure you’re in a home that will make it enjoyable.

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