Dubai property lawyers warn against new rent scam

  • 13 years ago
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A leading Dubai property lawyer has warned people to beware of a new rent scam which has already cost several prospective tenants thousands of dirhams.  Ludmila Yamalova, a specialist overseas property lawyer, has issued advice to people looking to rent a property in Dubai to help them avoid this type of fraud.

Property scam cost victims thousands

Dubai newspaper 7Days reports that the Dubai Municipality Rent Committee has received several complaints against a firm called J&E Properties after the firm disappeared with their cash.  Investigations have been launched into the cases with at least two prospective tenants having come forward claiming to have lost in excess of Dh100,000 (£16,685).

The tenants claim that agents representing the property firm showed them rental homes, signed contracts and, in many cases, took cheques for the entire rent for a year.

One of the victims, Mashhood Hamid, 62, from Pakistan says that he paid Dh140,000 (£23,350) for a year’s rent and other associated fees after signing a contract to rent an apartment.  However, when contacting the agent he was told that the firm was closed.  He has still not received the keys to his apartment and the agents have disappeared.

He said: “I went to the office and met another five or six people looking for the agents. The company said the office was closed for three days, but I tried to contact them continuously for about 10 days and all the phones were switched off.”

Overseas property lawyer issues advice

Lawyer Ludmila Yamalova, a specialist Dubai property lawyer, said: “I recommend you never give cheques addressed to the estate agent. They should always be addressed to the landlord. The agent’s commission should either be paid by the landlord or the tenant should pay it separately.”

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