Dubai Is Leading Financial Centre Official

  • 16 years ago
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The latest report published by the Global Financial Centres Index or better known as GFCI reveals that Dubai is one of the leading financial centres in the Middle East and is said to ranked fourth in terms of competition in Asia.
Since September of 2007, Dubai increased its competitive rating by 10 points to 595 points. This reflects Dubai’s growing importance, thus in turn putting the Gulf on the world financial map. Major part of this goes to the soaring oil prices combined with government investments.
Dubai has gained significance and sure is matching steps with the leading financial centres across the world.
Recently one of the top most private banks of Switzerland, namely Clariden Leu officially opened its Asset Management Company in Dubai. Clariden Leu is a private bank and is operated independently but owned by the Credit Suisse Group. Clariden Leu aims to give wealthy clients an exclusive option of innovative and private banking services, locally in Dubai. Clariden Leu Asset Management Dubai, will be overseen by Mannan Adenwalla and the company will be located at the DIFC or Dubai International Financial Center.
Clariden Leu’s presence in Dubai is a testimony to the growing financial clout of Dubai, leaving little doubt in anyone’s mind of the Dubai’s emergence as a leading financial center.

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