DIY Homes Sales Boosted in the UK

  • 15 years ago
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The relatively small private sales industry in the UK has seen one of its most established providers The Little House Company join forces with  one of Europe’s leading training providers Redtray. The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech 100 firm will help secure The Little House Companies positioning as the UK’s number one private homes sales website.
The Little House Company has been used by private individuals to sell their homes since 2000.  Nick Marr, CEO of Marr International Limited (a Global Property Marketing Company) took over the company’s leadership in February 2009.  Marr International also runs the overseas property website which is ranked in the top 20 global property portals.
Redtray rose to 16th position in The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 from 23rd in 2007. Its expanding client base and aggressive sales drive has boosted sales 117% a year from £759,000 in 2004 to £7.7m in 2007.
“Having access to Redtray’s technology gives us a far more compelling business proposition and will ensure we achieve our goal of becoming the leading private homes portal,” says Nick. “Redtray’s advanced ALTO learning management system together with their technological expertise will enable us to develop a wide range of new features. Amongst our plans is a series of e-learning courses to teach private individuals how to sell their homes without an estate agent – an e-learning capability that will be unique in our market.”
In the UK, 80% of all property buyers use the internet to search for their next home. Nick continues, “We anticipate that private home sales will expand as purchasers become more accustomed to searching both estate agent and private sales web sites when looking for a new home.”
Bob Woodland, CEO of Redtray adds, “The Little House Company is a very exciting business and our technology and educational experience will deliver considerable benefits to the business and to its customers. We look forward to a very rewarding relationship.”
He continues, “Our challenge is to change people’s mindset so they realise that they can sell their property themselves just like they would a car or a piece of furniture! Selling your own property is incredibly empowering and of course saves a huge amount of money on agents’ commission. All vendors need to consider is whether the amount they would have to pay an estate agent is worth what they may save in time, convenience and personal effort.”
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