David Beckham Adds Value to UK House Price

  • 16 years ago
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When most houses in the UK are losing value one home is actually increasing at an enormous rate. This house is the former home of footballer celebrity David Beckham, the property which should have a price tag of about £250,000 has been put on the market for a staggering £850,000
The house is an average terraced home situated in Leytonstone East London, it comprises of three bedrooms and was the place David Beckham took his first steps.   
Local businessman Colin Evans is handling the sale for the current owners, who he says had no idea of its famous past. We’ve had an offer of a million pounds from an Australian businessman who deals in Beckham memorabilia but we’ve got to see what else comes in. Confirmation that David Beckham lived in the home is seen from his birth certificate which clearly gives the address of the house.
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Amazingly the present owners did not know of its famous past and it was not until a Colin Evans approached them to break the news. They are now sitting on real estate that is breaking the tend in the UK as house that has shot up in value
Meanwhile property consultants Savills said on Friday that they believe central London house prices will fall 30 percent from peak 2007 levels before mounting a recovery in 2010.
Homesgofast.com report a surge of Indian investors seeking UK property after a campaign  featuring UK distressed sales were offered to international investors 
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