Daily Mail & P&0 in French Property Prize

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The Daily Mail and P&0 Ferries aim to make one lucky person the owner of a stunning French cottage located in Brittany. The desirable French home is a prize in a draw aimed at Daily Mail readers and is sure to be popular amongst its readers.
Despite the rise in popularity of emerging markets such as Bulgaria and Dubai, France still remains the second most popular country to buy a home overseas for UK overseas buyers. The prize is an ideal coastal retreat  with three large bedrooms, a large garden with a pond and outhouse.
Daily Mail readers need to simply collect 20 differently dated tokens in the newspaper up until May 9th 2008
France will continue to be a good location for property investment this year, as the market has been relatively unaffected by the credit crunch.

That is according to Nick Dowlatshahi, managing director of Leapfrog Properties, who maintained that the French mortgage market had seen “no change” in lending capacity.

He contrasted this to the current situation in the UK, where he asserted that the credit crunch was “hitting quite hard”.

Mr Dowlatshahi commented: “In France, they don’t give buy-to-let mortgages or non-status or self-cert mortgages so they’ve had little of the effect of the credit crunch as opposed to the UK. They will continue to lend at 100 per cent and so on, there’s no change in their lending capacity basically.

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