Curacao Promises Amazing Opportunities for Investors This Year


Recently, Curacao sent a team of delegates to the 36th edition of the Colombian Association for Travel and Tourism (ANATO) an annual event that takes place in Colombia. The international fair is an opportunity to showcase all the island’s amazing opportunities to travel agencies and wholesalers who want to do business in the Caribbean Island.

The Curacao team engaged visitors at the event for 3 days. The turnout was impressive; the team featured Curacao Tourist Board (CTB), hotel representatives, tourist boards, and CHATA (Curacao Hospitality & Tourism Association). All representatives worked together to promote the country’s tourist services and amenities, including the rapid growth of accommodation.

The Curacao team had the pleasure of hosting the Cocktail Happy Hour where everybody enjoyed networking and discussing new business opportunities and ideas. At the fair, Curacao officials used the opportunity to discuss Willemstad, Curacao’s capital.

Willemstad will be commemorating its 20th anniversary on the UNESCO World Heritage list this year. As a result, the tourism sector will be organising a series of events in the coming months. 

The growing property sector in Curacao

The team also announced that its property sector is on the rise and investors would be happy to consider doing business with local real estate agencies. Among the key tourist attractions mentioned was the Knip; a beach recently touted by travellers and tourists as the 8th most beautiful beach in the world.

Also, recently, Curacao was listed by ABC news as among the top 6 places in the Caribbean to retire.  To prove this point, it showed that cost of living in Willemstad is 30% less expensive than New York. The growing number of tourists has attracted investors to buy housing in Curacao.

At the end of the event, ANATO recorded 34,000 participants, a 15% rise in the number of visitors compared to the number in 2016. The CTB thanked several participating agencies at the event.

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