Could The AusPod Be The Answer For Overseas Buyers

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UK based overseas buyers seeking self
storage solutions may want to learn about a brand new way to store belongings
that are too expensive to take abroad. The new AusPod can be delivered to a
clients home packed and then sent for storage in a secure warehouse. According
to the people behind the product the Pods are a fraction of the cost of
traditional self storage.


Mark Prout, managing director of Aussie Man
& Van, says: ‘There is a notion that self-storage is cheap but until now,
it hasn’t been. People underestimate how much they need and the advertised
prices are usually for a space no bigger than the size of a phone box.


‘Some self-storage companies will offer a
discount for the first month but watch out as the cost will jump significantly
after this introductory period.’


Overseas property buyers often turn to
self-storage when moving house or living abroad for long periods of time . The
popularity of Self-storage has meant that it has become an expensive method of
housing your items. Prices can be as with much as £65 plus VAT per week for
35sq foot of storage


The new self-storage solution is set to
cost £17 plus VAT per week for the same amount of space. more at

The UK is celebrating National Declutter Week. Declutter Week runs from
Saturday 6 April through Sunday 14 April 2013.  This is the third anniversary of the yearly even and gives
people two weekends to work on decluttering their home.  The self storage industry see this time
as a potential for an increase in new business

Tom Ash from Flexistore: “The timing of this initiative couldn’t be better –
this literally puts the ‘Spring’ into spring cleaning! It’s the perfect
opportunity for people to carry out what we like to call an ‘audit’ of
essentials – and look at what they really need as opposed to what they really

“Just last year a study found that the UK’s homes are filled with junk
estimated to be worth £1,045,” explained Ash. “We each hoard approximately 28
items, with belongings such as laptops, handbags and old mobile phones the most
common possessions to be stored away.




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