Costa Rica Real Estate Tops Rightmove Overseas Searches

Property in Costa Rica appears to be of interest to overseas buyers from the UK. According to RigthMove Overseas, property searches interested in real estate overseas have been looking up Costa Rica in the last few months.

According to the company’s overseas search report for April 2016, Costa Rica is among the Top Ten Trending Searches. Specifically, Costa Rica is at number six.

It is interesting to note that Costa Rica is the only trending location in the RightMove report that belongs to the Americas. The rest of the Top Ten Trending locations are located in Europe, particularly in the sunny regions of France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The search data is compiled from searches made by users of during the period 1st April 2016 – 30th April 2016. The website records explicit searches that users make for locations chosen from our map based search, or that are entered into search fields and includes tourist regions we have defined for ease of recognition.

Buying property in Costa Rica

foreigners have the same rights when purchasing land in Costa Ricaas locals do.  You can own property outright in your own name or in the name of your corporation.  You do not need a local partner, except in cases of beachfront concession property, where special rules apply.  There is absolutely nothing to prevent you from purchasing property in your own name, but the majority of buyers form a corporation with the help of a reputable lawyer and then purchase Costa Rica property through that corporation. 

Cost Rica real estate website :

 “Costa Rica real estate has begun to see a tremendous amount of interest of late – Americans, Canadians, and Europeans all looking to escape the economic crisis are finding a solace here in Costa Rica”

Mel Gibson home in Costa Rica


Costa Rica loves to brag about celebrities who vacation here, but the honeymoon appears to be over for one Pacific municipality and Hollywood actor Mel Gibson.

The “Mad Max” star bought a sprawling 500-hectare estate in Playa Barrigona between the beach destinations of Nosara and Sámara back in 2007. The actor has hosted Britney Spears and other celebrities in the luxe “Apocalypto” property. More Homesgofast Celebrity news

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Costa Rica Going Green


Living with nature in Costa Rica is now possible at  the Serenity Gardens Eco-Village a unique eco-village. The growing trend in green living is an international community with a focus on sustainable living. In an eco-village like Serenity Gardens, like-minded people come together to live as a community co-op. In today’s world of over-consumption, many people are beginning to see a grim future for mankind if nothing is done to create a more sustainable society. Eco-living is the solution, or at least a big step in the right direction, according to eco-villagers. Serenity Gardens is located in south-central Costa Rica read more  and could be an ideal place in the sun.

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