Costa Rica property market ‘seeing a rebound’ in 2012

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If you’re looking for an unusual
place to buy an overseas property, Costa Rica could be a location to consider.
The Central American country is home to over four million people and, after
some difficult years, is finally seeing its property market recover.

Keep reading to learn more about
property in Costa Rica and we highlight three areas that offer good potential.

Costa Rica seen a ‘steady rise in interest’ from foreign buyers

The Costa Rica News reports that ‘the Costa Rica real estate market has
been seeing a rebound over 2012.’ Like many other countries, the Costa Rica
property market struggled between 2008 and 2011 and prices fell across the
nation. According to the Cost Rican Camber of Real Estate Brokers, the
country’s property market hit rock bottom in 2011, but while prices haven’t
fallen any further, the market has been bumping along the bottom until 2012.

The newspaper also reports that
Costa Rica has ‘seen a steady rise in market interest on the international
market.’ This is due to rising prices and demand from foreign buyers looking to
snap up a property bargain in an out of the way location.

3 areas to keep an eye on

The Costa Rica News highlights three areas of the country that offer
good potential to foreign buyers. These are:

·    The West side of Central Valley – Heredia,
Alajuela, Atenas, Grecia, Naranjo, Palmares and San Ramon

Northern/Guanacaste and eastward – Liberia to
Upala, Vocano Tenorio around the Rio Celeste

Pacific Southern Zone – Golfito, Osa Peninsula

Many real estate agents and developers
are optimistic about the Costa Rican property market in 2013. Tourist business
in the country has risen in 2012 and bookings are up for the high season.

“The three areas highlighted by
the newspaper have seen improved accessibility and we expect interest in
property in Costa Rica to increase over the next year.

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