Cornwall is a Second Home Hotspot

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The southwest part of England has been a holiday spot for UK residents for years, and now many are purchasing instead of renting. Though letting a house or apartment is still a popular, and reasonably-priced, way to find a holiday home, owning a second home here and throughout the UK is becoming more and more popular. Recent articles in the Times Online and the New York Times have highlighted the popularity of buying holiday homes in Cornwall and other popular areas.
For a long time the county was one of the poorest areas in England, and the boom in Mediterranean holidays didn’t help. But Cornwall has plenty to offer, from its extensive coastline and popular beaches to a mild climate and good food. Real Estate firm Knight Frank has put Cornwall on several of its hotspot lists, and through the first half of 2007 prices rose over 24%. With the onset of autumn and the summer season fading away, prices increases probably won’t sustain that kind of growth, which makes it a good time for investors to look here.
“People are moving down to the southwest for lifestyle reasons, and a lot of city money has been coming in and buying second homes,” said Miles Kevin, a partner with Knight Frank in an article in the New York Times.
Another reason for the area’s popularity is the surfing, which is drawing increasing numbers of visitors and people looking for a permanent base. Cornwall is considered by many to be the prime surfing location in all of Europe. Surfers looking for places to stay are being drawn to surf pods, or beachside flats, that are small but reasonably priced. 
Cornwall has other draws for the second home buyer. It has undergone a sort of food revolution with new restaurants opening all the time. In addition to surfing, sailing and ocean kayaking are popular water sports. The area is filled with historical sights and plenty of walking paths to keep any adventurer busy. And of course, it’s within a quick flight or drive from London and other major cities.
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