Confidence rising for people selling property

A survey released today has stated that homeowners considering selling a property are currently doing so with increased confidence.

Alliance & Leicester’s borrowing monitor reports that at the beginning of the year seven per cent of households said they were thinking of selling a property and moving house or remortgaging.

Recently, however, 15 per cent of homes said that they were planning to sell their property and move before next winter.

According to Alliance & Leicester, the change in intentions is reflective of the higher activity levels that have characterised the housing market so far this year.

Furthermore, the company’s survey states that growth in confidence in the property market and the take-up of mortgages is not at the expense of affordability, which is at its healthiest level since the second quarter of 2004.

Related to this, credit card and other forms of borrowing have decreased recently, with personal loan balances falling for the first time in seven years.

Faith in the property market is also increasing for first-time buyers, Alliance & Leicester states, with 16 per cent of under-30s planning on taking their first step on the housing ladder this year.

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