Community spirit among top priorities for homebuyers

A new survey has found that issues such as affordability and location are not the only issues that UK property buyers consider, as having nice neighbours and living in an area with a good community spirit were also found to be priorities.

The research by Linden Homes found that living in a nice community was the second most valued aspect of life for people asked on their opinions on what makes a “positive living environment”.

Above this in the list of priorities was a feeling of safety, which all participants in the Linden Homes survey rated as the most important feature of a place to live.

Ian Randall, regional managing director of Linden Homes, said: “These results show that a sense of community is once again of the utmost importance to homebuyers, who rate finding a home in pleasant, safe surroundings as a top priority when laying down roots.”

As well as valuing the community they live in, UK property owners also want to make an effort to improve their neighbourly relations, according to the study, with 41 per cent of respondents saying they would like to have a familiar relationship with their neighbours.

Just under a third of people said that they wanted to know their neighbours well enough to leave their keys with them or ask them to feed their pets while they are away.

A recent survey of UK investors who have bought homes in France found that the sense of community and togetherness that existed in the country was one of its most positive aspects.

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