Cityscape Abu Dhabi Coming Soon

  • 15 years ago
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The Cityscape property conference and exhibition is coming to Abu Dhabi in April and the number of exhibitors is up from last year. Despite the international economic downturn, the conference organizers report that the number of spaces for exhibitors is up by 31 percent from last year. Additionally, the number of pre-registered visitors is up 22 percent from the same time last year.


While the numbers look good so far, the organizers, IIR Exhibitions, aren’t anticipating a record crowd. “We are being a bit more conservative this year with the numbers. People are tightening their belts,” said the event director, Mark Goodchild.


He continued, “We are hoping for 30,000 this year, where we hade nearly 50,000 last year. We don’t think there will be as much foot fall, but we are certainly hoping that the quality of visitor will be on a par with last year.”


Despite the global economic downturn, Goodchild is still optimistic about the future. “While the global property development industry is currently facing certain challenges, Cityscape Abu Dhabi provides a timely opportunity to re-asses where the longer term returns for real estate investment lie,” he said.


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