Ciovo Croatia A Prime Location

  • 16 years ago
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The island of Ciova on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia is quickly becoming a very hot area for international property investors. The island is 30 kilometers by way of road from Split, the largest city along the coast. It is near to the Split Kastela/Resnick International Airport (SPU), just a 15 minute drive, and has several popular resort areas for tourists. 
The town of Trogir is the gateway to Ciova. Recently declared a UNESCO Heritage site, this town is actually located on its own little island between the mainland and Ciova. This town has a gorgeous waterfront and offers all the amenities of a small city. Outside of Trogir there are several new developments under way, as well as plenty of existing homes on the island for interested holiday home buyers.
Several new apartment buildings are under way on the island, including a new set of buildings in Okrug Gornji, just off the beach on the northwest coast of Ciova. Two new buildings will have 16 apartments, ranging from 1-3 bedrooms with prices beginning at just over €140,000. This new development is just a few minutes walk from Trogir and offers great views of the water. Another private luxury off plan development of 3 apartments with a swimming pool is located Mavarcica on the south side of the island. These properties are currently selling for €250,000 each. These are just a couple of the available properties, both off-plan and existing, that are on the island of Ciova.
Okrug is situated on the western part of Ciovo, and actually consists of two traditional Dalmatian villages of Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji. It’s famous for its mild Mediterranean climate, rich subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation and the beaches. Riviera. Okrug has some 2,670 hours of sun each year and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia. Okrug is the most popular tourist destination in Trogir area, so this is an ideal place for those who want to live on the Dalmatian Coast, but still be near to the airport as well as the major city of Split and other popular places.

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