Chinese property market booming

The Chinese property market is in a period of substantial growth, with large amounts of overseas property investment coming into the country, according to reports.

Industry observers in the area have attributed recent rises in property prices to an expanding inflow of foreign capital to China’s real estate industry, Shanghai Daily has claimed.

Many major companies have been involved with the development of the country’s property sector, including Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, contributing to the demand for domestic and commercial properties which is based on healthy economic growth.

A Citigroup company official has indicated the company’s commitment to the development of Chinese property, with the company planning on increasing its investment tenfold to around £430 million.

“We will buy all types of properties, including office, retail and industrial properties in China,” said Stephen Coyle, chief investment strategist at Citigroup Property Investors, according to Shanghai Daily.

According to Gu Yungchang, vice president of the China Real Estate Housing Research Association, investors looking at investment in Chinese property often acquire income-producing properties, before selling them through investment trusts in capital markets such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

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