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21/01/2010 London- The temptation of a warmer climate and how best to find a property in Australia for hard pressed Brits will be the subject of a new Channel 4 documentary Relocation: Phil Down Under. TV property expert Phil Spencer helps four British families find their perfect home in Australia.
Sunny climate’s & cheaper costs of living are just a few reasons for Brits wanting to move down under. Australia tops the polls when it comes to which countries most Britons would choose to emigrate to. It helps that English is the mother tongue down under, but the main lure for most of us living in cold northern climes is the pretty much year-round sunshine in the Antipodes
“A new decade prompts dreams of fresh starts, and if the economic gloom and the coming election aren’t enough to make you think of leaving Britain, the recent bout of freezing weather may just have pushed you over the edge,” Spencer wrote for The Sunday Times.
“If you are going to emigrate, though, why not do it properly and go to the other side of the world: to Australia?”
Phil Spencer’s love of Australia comes from a year spent working and living in the country as a young man, and frequent trips to Australia for Christmas with his Aussie girlfriend and now wife Fiona. He uses his experience and knowledge of the Australian property market to help four emigrating British families find their perfect home down under.
Some 40,000 Britons immigrate to Australia every year, and Australia is especially popular with young families, a category into which all four house hunters featured in the series fall.
One family was the Davidsons. Lee and Bronagh Davidson, an insurance salesman and teacher with three daughters, from Essex, gave up three-hour commutes and small, expensive houses and immigrated to Perth with a dream for an improved quality of life. They found a detached four-bedroom house with a swimming pool within walking distance of the beach, for £275,000.
The show starts in the UK on Channel 4 on Friday at 8pm.
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