Celebrity Real Estate Post-Covid Listings


Celebrity properties are irresistible attractions in real estate because of their value, unique designs, and celebrity status sensation. The A-list celebrities have also not been left behind in the boom of property sales post-Covid pandemic. From the Bahamas, Colorado, LA, to London, here are the top five celebrity properties that have recently made headlines in the real estate industry.

Petra Ecclestone, a British heiress, put up their mega-mansion for sale late last year. The property’s sale price was £170 million, a £110 million difference from the £60 million she bought it. The London mansion, also called the Sloane House, has attractive features, including a customized gold bar, 150,000-piece crystal chandelier, and boasts of historic Georgian style.


At number one is Sylvester Stallone, a Hollywood actor who listed his memorabilia-filled LA home for £61.3 million on July 2021. The mansion in the renowned Beverly Hills has six bedrooms with a professional screening room and space for memorabilia.

Greg Norman of Hall of Fame put up his “Tranquility” for sale in February 2021 and, after just two weeks on the market, sold it for $59.9 million. The property is an exception oceanfront house of 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. He bought the property at $4.9 million 30 years ago and renovated it to its current value.


Tom Cruise also listed his 320-acre estate in Telluride, Colorado, in March this year at $39.5 million. The property consists of $39.5 million. Among the memorable things about the property is an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2008 and Vanity Fair

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill also put up their Bahamas property for sale in February. The sale price for the property was $35 million. The property is 6,517-square-foot with four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The property also has an observation tower with verandas and passageways.

These are just a few of the A-list properties listed post-Covid period. More celebrities are listing their property and purchasing, taking advantage of the current boom in real estate locally and internationally. 

photo credit Yahoo.com

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