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Millionaire celebrity homes are always a fascination to lovers of beutiful real estate,  so the international real estate website Homesgofast has looked at the best recent celeb homes stories in the media. Celebrity homes have a great way of letting people have a glimpse of the celebs true life style. We look at pop star Prince and his Turks and Caicos home, UK celebrities including Ricky Gervais and Jamie Oliver struggling to sell, Mike Tyson and his Las Vegas home sale and the return of MTV Cribs.

Pop Start Prince’s House in Turks and Caicos hits the market asking $12M

Tragic pop star Prince choose to buy a house in Turks and Caicos with superb sea views. The luxury house is now up for sale.

The main house comes with a master suite with his and hers walk-in closets, two en-suite bedrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a covered terrace with a bar, a gym, a theatre and a very grand foyer. There are also two private beaches, a pool, a tennis court, tropical gardens, walking trails, a boat dock and (of course) a purple driveway.

It’s a10,000-square-foot home in the Caribbean has just hit the market for $12 million.

The beach-front estate is set in the Turks and Caicos on a peninsula on the atoll of Providenciales – is comprised of a main residence, an attached guest wing, a two-bedroom guest house and a three-bedroom staff house.

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Celebs in the UK struggle to sell their homes

Picture: Ricky Gervais House in London

The UK’s Daily Mail Show Biz journalist Annabel Venning reports that British stars such as Ricky Gervais and Jamie Oliver are struggling to sell their huge expensive mansions. In the UK the government increased stamp duty for high-end houses, which could add more than a million to the price in some cases. For example houses over £1.5 million now attract stamp duty tax at rate of 12 per cent.

The changes mean that if you buy a house for £11 million, you’ll pay £1.2 million in stamp duty, or £1.5 million if it’s your second home.

According to an independent buying agent Henry Pryor: ‘The top end of the market has been severely undermined by the Government’s actions over the past 18 months. It means that properties over £1 million suffer from “transaction friction” — they are harder to sell than they were.

Celebrities homes losing value fast!


NEW PRICE: £6.99million OLD PRICE: £7.5million. Owned by footballer Ashley Cole who bought it, with his then wife Cheryl back in 2007 for £3million.

‘Buyers are trying to pass the increased stamp duty bill on to the seller by getting them to drop the price.’ 

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Mike Tyson Selling His Las Vegas Home say Top Ten Real Estate Deals


Trib Live carry a story writen by TOPTENREALESTATE DEALS.com about old favourite Mike Tyson. The boxer with the scary reputation and tattoo on his face has made his home in the wealthy community of Henderson Nevada outside of Las Vegas, since 2008. Retired from boxing in 2006, Tyson traveled a long, rough road from troubled Brooklyn street kid orphaned at age 16 to a brilliant boxing career and later controversy about his outrageous conduct in his personal life and in the ring.

He has recently purchased another larger home in Henderson and has just placed his current house on the market. Only 16 miles from downtown Las Vegas, Henderson is a quiet, upscale family community away from the Vegas glitz and glitter. It is near the top of the FBI safest cities to live in the United States.

Iron Mike’s Las Vegas area home is on the market for $1.5 million.

MTV Cribs Returns on SnapChat say Daily Mail


MTV is bringing ‘Cribs’ back…on Snapchat: The App is set to provide an ‘intimate’ view inside celebrity homes.Cribs will air this coming June and once a week.Celebrities will give viewers self-guided tours via their own devices Mac Miller, Austin Mahone and Travis Mills are the first artists to take part

The revamped version of Cribs will still feature artists and celebrities, but they will be guiding Snapchat viewers through their homes by speaking to their phones, reports Variety.This new approach will give fans a more intimate experience, compared to when a camera crew was following along.

The most watched and replayed episode was a special one-hour tour of Mariah Carey’s New York penthouse.

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Realtor.com looks at Jennifer Lopez and others celeb homes


Judy Dutton of Realtor.com Jennifer Lopez‘s 17,129-square-foot mansion in Hidden Hills, CA, provides plenty of eye candy, including a poker room, massage parlor, salon, and professional recording and dance studios. And besides, who wouldn’t want a peek at her plush glam room and huge walk-in closet (and, hopefully, some of those Versace gowns)?

Purchased with then-husband Marc Anthony in 2010, the home went on the market in January 2015 for $17 million after their divorce, and the price has since dropped to $12.5 million. Which makes us wonder: Is something wrong with this place? A “Cribs” tour could certainly help suss that out—or dispel any doubts.

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