Celebrities love Barbados

The small Caribbean island of Barbados is a popular place for celebrities and stars to visit. According to Expedia.com (www.expedia.co.uk ), Barbados is the number one place to go to see celebrities. This is, after all, where Tiger Woods came when he married his longtime girlfriend Elie Nordegran. They made the famous Sandy Lane Resort their choice to wed, and they are not the only big names to visit.
Frank Sinatra was a regular here, while the west coast of Barbados, where Sandy Lane is located, is known as the Platinum Coast for the high number of very wealthy people who own houses.  Oprah Winfrey bought a house here, and in a seemingly previous life, so did Britney Spears. The celebrity strip near Holetown is famous for its visitors, including Mick Jagger and Sting.
A recent article in The Daily Mail (www.dailymail.co.uk ) also noted the attraction this island has for stars and celebrities. Not long ago, Hugh Grant and his girlfriend Jemima Khan paid a visit to Barbados for a family vacation. The Beckhams are known to visit regularly, as is Simon Cowell. Michael Winner is a regular on the island, while the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and his wife have also vacationed here. Singer Rihanna is a native and comes back often. What attracts them to this small island?
Well, it’s beautiful, safe and relatively easy to get to. Not to mention the climate is as good as it gets, and the people are nice and inviting. There you have it – the place to go!
Most recently, Prince Harry and his girlfriend Chelsy Davy have been seen making the rounds in Barbados. The pair traveled here for a three week vacation before the young prince goes off to a posting in Iraq. They’ve been spotted on the beach, in the water with jet skis and eating and enjoying the life here. If you want to enjoy the celebrity life, Barbados is the place to go.
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