Celebrities filming in Bulgaria

John Cusack and Hillary Duff recently finished filming a new movie “Brand Hauser: Stuff Happens” in Bulgaria. “War, Inc” was the working title while filming, and the movie is expected to be released in the summer of this year (2007). This movie is being made by Nu Image, and Cusack is both the writer and director. In addition to Cusack and Duff, John’s sister Joan Cusack,, Ben Kingsley and Marisa Tomei all had roles in the movie. The movie was filmed on site in Plovdiv, the second largest city in the country and in studios in Sofia.
This is John Cusack’s second film in Bulgaria, and it was his choice to set the movie in the country because he enjoyed his first visit so much. Cusack’s first film in Bulgaria was “The Contract,” filmed in 2005. “Brand Hauser” is a dark political satire and is set in the near future.
Duff is also impressed by the country, particularly the food. On her blog, http://red.blogs.aol.com/hilarysblog/hilarys_blog, she notes “They really love salads! Salad with tomato, cucumber and feta cheese, called a Shopska salad, seems to be their favorite. I like it a lot because, since Bulgaria doesn’t use pesticides, their vegetables are super fresh.”
Nu Image is set to film several more productions in Bulgaria this year, according to director David Varod. Other stars who are slated to come for filming later this year include Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman.

The second VIP season of the reality show Big Brother Bulgaria will begin in Bulgaria in the end of March 2007. Bulgarian celebrities will be taking a lesson from Jade Goody on not how to conduct yourself in the Big Brother house. 

Bulgarians celebrities will have to spend a month in a house together under camera surveillance. The preparation of the new season had already begun, avtora.com said.

This season’s concept will be ‘sunny’ atmosphere, unlike the first edition of the show when local celebrities quarreled all the time.

Producers will refrain from intentional confrontation of the roommates, avtora.com said.

Nikolai Nikolov, editor in chief of Vip Brother 2, said that the show producers conducted a poll among the TV audience in 2007 to find out which celebrities to invite in the second season.

Pop-folk singer Konstantin won the first season of Vip Brother in Bulgaria, competing against 11 other celebrities. He received a 50 000 leva award.


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