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The French resort of St. Tropez is one of the hottest places for celebrities and those who want to get a glimpse of them. Every summer, some of the most well known – and not so well known – stars gather in this sun-drenched town along the Mediterranean coast of France. As the summer turns to Autumn, it is still a popular place with great weather, without the crowds. For those who want to be like the stars, now is a great time to visit.
This past summer was no exception as a number of famous actors, actresses, musicians and sporting stars made their way to this holiday destination. Tom Cruise and Katie Homes visited the resort on their Mediterranean vacation in the midst of shooting the movie Valkyrie. The couple often referred to as TomKat, spent time on the yacht of Australian billionaire James Packer and his new wife Erica before heading onshore to dance at the VIP Club.
Spice Girl Gerri Halliwell enjoyed the beach and the water at St. Tropez before heading out on a reunion tour with the group later this year. She was seen jet skiing on the water and enjoying the sun with her daughter Bluebell. Ginger Spice spent the night out on her 35th birthday, enjoying some of the many nightclubs here.
St Tropez town itself is charming, with narrow streets, an old castle overlooking the spectacular harbour and plenty of things to do. The weather draws people in from the late spring to late autumn, with the warmest and most popular months being July and August.
Singer Beyonce and rap star Jay-Z paid a visit to the Riviera, anchoring their private yacht in the harbor at St. Tropez early in the summer. They were seen walking along the beach and taking in the sights. Other stars and big names who regularly visit this area include Bono, Paris Hilton and the Beckhams.
Another winner in France is Assetz France has won the “Best Real Estate Agency France” Award for the third year in a row at the International Property Awards. Assetz France is one of the longest established French estate agents based in the UK, sourcing holiday homes and investments from Monaco through to Nice and Cannes, Paris, St Tropez and ski properties in the Alps and Pyrenees.
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