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Châteaux de La Jarthe is set on 120 hectares, or 297 acres, in the Dordogne region of France, not far from Perigueux. The former refuge of the Order of the Knights Templar is on the market for some 5.5 million euros, according to the listing, and is an ideal place to host guests or create new homes and attractions.
The Châteaux de La Jarthe has extensive and varied grounds and offers an ideal situation for someone interested in developing the area. The main building sits atop a hill overlooking the beautiful hills and woods of south central France. The region is full of rolling hills and sparkling rivers, within easy travel of Bordeaux and the Atlantic Coast and yet still perfect for a country retreat.
The 12th century castle has a large, 102 square meter main hall known as the Knights Room. This is an ideal gathering point for guests of the castle, and there are other features which discerning visitors will notice. These include flagstone ceilings, hand carved wood, a granary, chapel, massive fireplaces and stained glass windows.
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