Casco Viejo is Poised to Be Panama City Hotspot

  • 16 years ago
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The old Panama City neighborhood of Casco Viejo is on the brink of becoming the newest property hotspot in this booming Central American country. This oceanfront community of old Spanish colonial homes sits on a small peninsula along the coast of Panama’s capital city. It is a booming nightspot and many of the old buildings are in the process of being renovated into condominiums, apartments, hotels, shops and clubs.
Already, several of the majestic old buildings have been transformed into new properties that are thriving. The Canal House is a small boutique hotel with a wraparound veranda, beautiful hardwood floors and palm plants everywhere you turn. The Karavan Gallery is a new art gallery that carries Panamanian folk art in its brightly lit space.
At night, the neighborhood turns into one of the most popular in Panama City. This once dilapidated part of the city has its own special patrols to keep crime out and residents and visitors have take advantage of the safe streets. Plaza Bolivar is full of people in the evenings and there are lots of clubs such as the popular Platea and Indigo Lounge & Bazaar.
With so much going on, and so much potential, Casco Viejo is an ideal community for property seekers who want to invest in this Central American country.
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