Cape Verde Scores Higher

  • 15 years ago
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International property investors have had their eyes on Cape Verde for the past few years, with its tropical location, increased flights, foreign investment and tourism. The island nation off the west coast of North Africa has a number of positive aspects that have aided people who want to find a good place to invest or find a second home. The latest release of the annual Index of Economic Freedom provides yet another reason to invest in Cape Verde property.
Cape Verde’s score for 2009 is up 3.4 points from a year ago, bringing it to 77th place with a total of 61.3 points. The increase comes mainly from reduced tariffs, but the index also rates the investment and property sectors very high compared to other nations. Cape Verde has a score of 70 for these, while the average country in the report has a score of 44. The report notes that “Property rights are very well secured by the rule of law in comparison to the situation in neighboring countries.”
The 2009 edition of the index rated 183 countries for various aspects of their economies. Cape Verde came in just below Turkey and Italy, at 75 and 76 respectively. It also finished above other popular international property destinations such as Greece, the Dominican Republic and Egypt.
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