Cape Verde climbs into overseas property top ten

  • 13 years ago
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Verde has climbed into the top ten in the latest Top of the Props
report from, bringing a fresh-faced rival to a league
of hardened competitors.

In August, Cape Verde attracted 2.94 per cent of all enquiries on the
overseas property portal, making it the ninth most popular property
destination in the world.

The group of 10 small islands off the coast of Africa rose five places
last month, joining the giants of Spain, USA, France and Portugal as
buyers look for property bargains away from the usual suspects.

The main destinations all held on to their top five positions, with
Turkey and Bulgaria continuing to hover close by, but Cape Verde’s
summer success was a surprise for many as the country punched above its
weight to replace Barbados and Cyprus as a growing property market.

Director Dan Johnson comments, “It’s not easy for new investment
destinations to challenge the established order, as the countries that
make up the top five in this month’s report are very well-established.

To put a new destination on the investment map usually takes a concerted
effort from agents and developers with a vested interest in promoting a
country or region. However, there hasn’t been any significant recent
upsurge in marketing activity for Cape Verde – it seems that buyers are
making their own minds up that it represents good value, with reliable
weather and an improving tourist infrastructure.”

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